Thursday, April 12, 2012

Delete Multiple Objects from s3

Deleting s3 objects used to be slow if you have lots of files in a s3 buckets: you have to issue a delete request for each file. On Dec 7, 2011 , Amazon announced Multi-Object Delete, a new API that allows user to delete multiple objects with a single web request.

As this api is relatively new, those popular ruby s3 libraries including rightaws has not supported it. So I wrote a ruby script to do it, the source code is here:

And it can be used as a command line tool:

$ruby s3_multi_object_delete.rb bucket s3id s3key key1 key2

Or you want to use it in your Rails project, just drop it into 'config/initializers' folder.

It is based on happening, although the code can be ported to rightaws easily. I picked happening as it may archive better performance due to higher concurrency.


The 200 billion company that can not fix a simple credit card processing problem

I am talking about Google.

About a month ago I purchased OBI110 device, it is a VOIP device to make free phone call to US&Canada without any fee, thanks to its great integration with Google Voice. It works great for local calls, so great that I cancelled my old landline phone service. But I also have the needs to make international calls, then the problem begins.

While google voice promised free calling within the US and Canada through 2012, international call is at an affordable rates. There is easy button to add '$10' credit to my account through credit card payment. On Mar. 6, I clicked it, then it told me:

Uh oh. There was a Problem
We couldn't complete your purchase because of a technical issue.
Details of the problem below:
We were unable to verify your account information. Please visit in order to resolve this issue.

I did what it told me, I double checked my information, I tried difference cards, I tried on another day... nothing helps. I tried to contact google, and it turns out they do not have phone # or email for Google voice. The support links on google voice leads me to this forum, and oh my god, lots of people reported this issue since Feb 19, and there is not a single word from Google. From the discussion there you can see people tried different ways, phone calls to general google support, submitting feedbacks etc, none of them helps. It is clear people working at google does not pay attention to this official support forum, and the google voice team is completely out of touch with its users.

On Apr 8, I heard some news about google wallet and it seems to be undergoing some active development. So I gave it another try, but it failed again. But luckily I found a deeply hidden 'Email us' link wile navigating their help page, so I sent an email explaining my problem and mentioned lots of other people having the same issue.

A few hours later, I got an email from Google Wallet Support with an link from the help section, I wrote back saying it is useless. Three days later, I received another email, and my problem was finally resolved.

I love lots of products google builds, but this customer service experience is the worst I have with any big company.

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Monday, April 09, 2012

HTML5 for Desktop Application Development