Friday, May 13, 2005

Give Up Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003

I tried to get some free lunch from Microsoft Visual C++ Toolkit 2003, but finally gives up. There are lots of missing pieces, most of them can be fixed by downloading other packages, but it is tedious and may not be allowed.

There are a few problems I encountered:

1. Only static-link C/C++ libraries are available, so you can not use /MD, /MDD by default. this link introduced a hack but as mentioned in the same article it has its limits.

2. Do not have a build system. It's easy to generate solution(.sln) and project (.vcproj) with MPC, and we can use vcbuild.exe to compile them. But soon you will find out vcbuild requires several dlls from VS C++ 2003, even through you can copy some dlls from there to make it work(see this article). So you have to purchase a copy of VS C++ anyway.


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