Friday, May 20, 2005

windbg beated VS.NET debugger

Our QA guy sent me a minidump file of crashed service and asked my help. The developer who wrote the program forgot to check in the full debug symbol file, but we do have the stripped .pdb file since we always ship it along with our product (following the advise of John Robbins).

I opened the minidump file with Visual Studio .NET debugger, but this time it did a terrible job reconstructing stack trace (later I find out the information it gave me is misleading, which is worse than useless). Well, I soon switched to windbg, and it showed me the correct result. The bug was found(printf again!) and fixed in less than 10 minutes, thanks to windbg.

Last time windbg beated VS.NET debugger on my system is a program deadlocked in the system space and VS.NET debugger can not break into it.


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