Wednesday, June 15, 2005

Parser generator used for popular languages

Recently I need a parser generator in my new project, so I spent a while to check what other people are using. Here is the result:

Jython: JavaCC (with asdl)
Python: YACC
IronPython: Hand made recursive descent parser

Rhino/SpiderMonkey: Hand made recursive descent parser

Beanshell: JavaCC (with JJTree)
Groovy: Antlr

Boo: Antlr

Ruby: YACC
JRuby: Jay

Mono C#: Jay

Perl: YACC

Eclipse JDT: Jikes Parser generator

CFront: YACC, but Stroustrup actaully likes to have a hand made recursive descent parser, see [5]

[1] coyote: Syntax coloring
[2] Pydev parser... the future??!?!?!
[3] Jan Arne Petersen on jruby-devel
[4] Java Abstract Syntax
[5] Stroustrup, The Design and Evolution of C++
[6] JDT Core HowTo: Generate the Parser

To be continued...


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