Friday, June 03, 2005

Suppressing splash screen of source insight

Source insight is my editor of choice for 6 years. The reason? It is super fast, especially when your are searching symbols in monster projects, like linux kernel, ACE and TAO.

One small issue I feel annoying is the splash screen. The manual did a poor job here, it only tells me how to suppress the splash screen if I launch the program from command line (that is what I do most of the time), but occasionly I just want to launch it from windows explorer (by clicking an associated file), the splash screen just on my way.

I sent their support an email, and their support(Ray Gram) emailed me back the solution in ten minutes! Well, I really fell shame for not asking the question ealier:)

Since I can not find it via google (it is not in the current manual either) , let's share it:

You can suppress the splash screen with the -s command line option.
For example:

Insight3 -s

You can also do it by adding a registry value. Under the key:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Source Dynamics\Source Insight\3.0\Options

Create a text value named "NoSplash" with a value of "1".

Ray Gram
Source Dynamics, Inc.

Thank you, Ray!


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